Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Explicite Art

Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Babes, Fetish

Reviewed by Jacey on 29th December 2011

Overall Rating 95/100
Explicite Art
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Explicite Art is one of the most established nude art and photography sites on the web today, and itís not hard to see why. Chock full of gorgeous European women and fantastic quality explicit pornography across a huge range of niches, this really could be the only site membership you will ever need! We last looked at this one back in 2007, and since then, thereís been a massive increase in content - quality has also improved, with HD movies and high resolution images being added to the excellent selection of viewing and download options, and there are now even more beautiful women to get you all over excited! There is literally something for everyone here, so do yourselves a favour and go take a look - your manhood will be eternally grateful, although your wife may not!

**Update - Since we last looked at the site, content quantity has increased enormously and more join options have been added. Access to previously broken pages has also been fixed. Review text and scores have been updated accordingly.**
Site last reviewed on 01-Apr-2010


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Overall Rating 95/100
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Explicite Art is the brainchild of John B. Root, who is renowned as one of Franceís best porn photographers and directors. Over the last 13 years he has directed and produced 23 feature length hardcore movies, as well as many shorter films, which, combined with his excellent photography skills, makes him one of the most well respected men in the business. Most of the girls that he uses on the site are French, because, in his words, ĎFrench girls are nutsí - and theyíre certainly not shy either! There are also plenty of other nationalities represented here too though, and with girls like Ariel, Suzy Carina, Eufrat and Nella starring alongside over 250 lesser known fresh faces, you know youíre definitely in for a very good time!

The site itself is well laid out and easy to navigate - Iím not madly keen on the blue, grey and orange colour scheme, but thatís just personal preference, and it certainly doesnít detract from the fantastic porn thatís on offer. There were previously a couple of broken links on the site, including the shop, as well as Johnís blog and biography, but these can now be accessed from the tour pages, and are definitely worth a read. There is a good support section here, which provides answers to pretty much any general questions that you may have, and there are links to contact technical support, so you should be able to get any issues seen to pretty quickly.

There are various ways to find what youíre looking for on Explicite Art, but the easiest way to get to the content is through the top navigation bar, which will take you to all of the siteís videos and photos, as well as the model list and all of Johnís feature films. Content can then be further sorted by name, date and rating, and you can also view the top 50 memberís favourite pics, movies and models. The site also has a decent search feature too, and you can use it to narrow down the content by model, film or niche - you also have the option to use the advanced search, and can search via body type, nationality, age, location and content temperature, from glamour to extreme hardcore.

Niches covered here include lesbian, solo, group, softcore, blowjobs, anal and double penetration (you have to check out Shanis and her ridiculously flexible back passage - she can make 2 enormous cocks disappear up there without breaking a sweat), plus fisting, peeing and extreme hardcore. Unlike most art sites, this one isnít afraid to break boundaries, but everything is done tastefully and with the utmost respect for the models - in turn, the models themselves really get into what theyíre doing, making the entire viewing experience a whole lot more enjoyable! The quality here is absolutely second to none, and each set and scene is well thought out and executed - there are a few effects used in the videos, but they manage to enhance the action, rather than detract from it, which is always a good thing!

There are 1386 movies on the site at the moment, and considering the fact that theyíre all exclusive, this is really quite an achievement! There are loads of formats available when it comes to downloading them, including QuickTime, DivX, MPEG, WMV and iPod/iPhone, the largest option being the HDV QuickTime movies, at 1280x720px. The only slight issue I have is that there is no Flash streaming available, and with only one preview image per movie, you only really have the scene description to go by - if youíre unsure about anything, Iíd recommend downloading the iPod movie, which will be nice and quick, before committing yourself to downloading the huge HD files. This is definitely something that they could do with remedying!

There are over 97,000 images here currently, and as you can imagine, itís going to pretty much take you a lifetime to get through them all! Theyíre available in 3 sizes, from 600x400px right up to 3000x2000px, and you can download the highest resolution images in zip files. There is also a slideshow feature available on the 600x400px images, so you can enjoy some hands free viewing without downloading anything if you need to be covert! Overall, the image quality is fantastic, and the high resolution photos really need to be seen to be believed!

The site is updated with either a movie or a photoset 6 days per week.

Picture Features

Quantity: 97,731
Picture Size: 3000x2000
Searchable: Yes
ZIP Downloads: Yes
Picture Slideshows: Yes
Updates: Every couple of days

Video Features

Quantity: 1386
Formats: MPEG, WMV/ASF, Quicktime/MOV, AVI (DivX)
Video Size: Up to 1280x720
Clip Duration: Varies
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM: No
IPod/PSP Videos: Yes
Updates: Every couple of days

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: Yes
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, EU Debit, Direct Pay EU
Join Fees: Ä29.95 for 30 days, Ä38.95 for 30 days non-recurring, Ä59.95 for 90 days, Ä89.95 for 150 days
Cancellation Links: In support section