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Ass Smoothie

Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Babes, Fetish

Reviewed by Jacey on 29th January 2009

Overall Rating 87/100
Ass Smoothie
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Now this is an interesting concept! Have you ever had the desire to see a hot woman making a smoothie inside her own ass, before expelling it into a glass, and happily drinking it down?! Well, want no longer, you complete oddball, because Ass Smoothie is here! Now, I know that this site isnít going to appeal to everyone (I canít think why), but I think itís hilarious - if you like your porn to have a bit of comedy thrown in, then itís well worth checking this one out! On a more sensible note, you also get access to 19 other good quality sites with your membership for when the novelty wears off!


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Overall Rating 87/100
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How the hell do you convince a girl to pour a smoothie in her ass and then drink it?! The answer to this eternal question and many more (like, how much orange juice and milk can Tyla Winn fit in her anal cavity?) can be found on Ass Smoothie. Perhaps one of the best things about the site is that not all of the girls approached say yes - in fact, some of the reactions to the ass smoothie question are worth the $4.95 trial fee alone!

The basic format is this: The crew approach a girl whoís already at the studio filming another movie, and lull her into a false sense of security with a bit of chit-chat before asking if she likes smoothies. Invariably, the girls are smoothie fans - so then theyíre hit with the one million dollar question - would you make a smoothie in your ass and drink it for us? Hmm... you can imagine how that one generally goes down! Amazingly though, plenty of girls say yes, and so a bunch of ingredients (and not always wholesome ones - beer and pizza, anyone?) are put into a blender, whizzed up a little bit, and then poured, with the help of a speculum or funnel, into the willing victimís ass. Yummy. The girl then gets up, jumps up and down to really get those juices mixing, and evacuates the now perfect smoothie concoction into a glass. I donít need to tell you that she drinks it now, do I?! Inspired... but occasionally uncomfortable to watch!

Once you log in, youíre taken to a main page which lists all the sites on the network. You can either search for content throughout the network from this page, or go straight to Ass Smoothie via the site listing. From the Ass Smoothie home page, you can choose to view photos, videos, top rated sets, or recent updates. The video listings are often quite funny - thereís a brief description of the scene (although you rarely find out here whether the model in the movie actually agrees to be an Ass Smoothie girl), and then thereís a description of the type of smoothie that the girl has been asked to make, with a list of ingredients - just in case you like the look of it and fancy making it at home, I guess! You can also rate all of the content - although I donít think thereís a single video here that I wouldnít give at least a 9 to!

There are 172 movies on Ass Smoothie at the moment, with updates a couple of times per week. You can either Flash stream the movies, or download them in WMV format, although theyíre only available in full length (usually about 10-15 minutes). There are 3 quality options, Best, Good and Fast Download - the Best being a whopping 1920x1080px - and believe me, you can see everything in eye watering detail! Download speed is pretty good - it took me about an hour to download a 15 minute movie in HD format on my snail like connection. Donít forget though, not all of the videos will have a chick doing an ass smoothie - some of them only feature the ladies looking very scared and running away!

There are around 7,500 photos on Ass Smoothie, and theyíre displayed in simple galleries, with a brief description of whatís going on in the sets. There arenít any zip downloads available, and there isnít a slideshow feature either, which is a shame - however, the photos themselves are excellent quality, and plenty big enough at 1050x1400px to meet most menís needs! Overall, all of the content on this site is great, and whether itís your bag or not, youíve got to admit, itís definitely different! You just might want to think twice before drinking that breakfast smoothie your old lady has been faithfully bringing you every morning for the last few years though...

The site is updated twice a week, and the network is updated daily.

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Formats: WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size: 1920x1080
Clip Duration: 10-15 minutes
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Updates: 2 per week

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