Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Club Flashers Re-Review
Reviewed by Jacey on 14th January 2009

Overall Rating 78/100
Club Flashers Re-Review
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Club Flashers is a pretty good flashing site, all told - we certainly liked it when we reviewed it back in 2005! Brought to you by the Dream Girls team, membership to this site will give you access to 16 others, as well as loads of bonus content - although maybe the best thing about the whole deal is that theyíve reduced their membership fee from $39.95 monthly to just $29.99! With plenty of pics and movies of wild chicks getting naked and naughty in Americaís nightclubs, for that price, itíd be crazy not to at least take a peek, right?!


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Overall Rating 78/100
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Club Flashers is all about the kind of girls you wish you could meet out on a Saturday night... crazy, drunk, desperate to get noticed and only too happy to get naked! I donít know where they find all these girls (Iím pretty sure there arenít any in my neck of the woods), but theyíre certainly uninhibited - and more importantly, great fun to watch! Iím not sure that theyíre the kind of girls you could take home to meet your mother though...

As with other Dream Girls sites, this one isnít without itís down sides - content could be arranged a little better, and photos and movies could be a little bigger, among other things - but in general, youíre getting plenty of bang for your buck here, so itís worth checking out if you like your ladies naked (and who doesnít?)!

The memberís area is laid out in exactly the same way as Dream girls Membersí is - the main content is displayed in episode format, with a video and corresponding photos in each update, and can be found in the Adventures section; you can also browse the siteís models, or search via model and keyword. On top of this, thereís a Hardcore section which takes you to a plug in DVD archive (thereís no exclusive hardcore content on Club Flashers), a Daily Blog (which hasnít been updated since November), a Dream Girls video store, and a Behind The Scenes section, although the latter seems to be mainly made up of duplicated episodes from the Adventures section! There is also a ton more plug-in content, which can be found in the Bonus section - this offers a huge amount of non-exclusive photos and videos with a wide variety of themes, although most of it has nothing to do with public flashing whatsoever!

Being a site thatís dedicated to young ladies flashing in nightclubs, Iím sure you donít need me to explicitly tell you what you can expect to find in the movies! Suffice to say that theyíve done a good job finding these girls, as theyíre all pretty hot, and only too happy to shake their naked asses for the camera! From chicks dancing commando in mini-skirts, to pole dancing and wet T-shirt competitions, itís pretty much all covered! Taking all this into account though, as you can imagine, great lighting, clear sound, steady cameras and just about everything else thatís good about studio photography goes completely out of the window with much of this content... shooting candid movies in heaving, sweaty nightclubs canít be easy at the best of times, so quality does waver somewhat!

There are 92 movies on Club Flashers at the moment, and theyíre all split into 2-3 minute clips, with no option to download the movie in full. Iím not sure why this is, as download speed doesnít seem to be too bad - as you can imagine, if you want to watch a 20 minute movie, it can be pretty tedious having to download 10 separate scenes! The only format offered is WMV at 1500k, which should be OK for most of you, although it would have been nice to see a few more options here. Movie size is also adequate, at around 640 x 480, but an HD option would really help to bring the site bang up to date.

There are around 3,700 photos on Club Flashers at the moment, not including bonus material. Theyíre available to view in a slideshow, but thereís no zip download option available. As with the movies, photo quality and size does vary greatly from set to set - basically, some of the images are great, and others arenít really worth bothering with! Image size, as with other sites in the network, is a little disappointing across the board though - theyíre crying out for some high resolution photos!

The exclusive content is updated around once a week, while the bonus material and other sites are updated daily.

Picture Features

Quantity: Approximately 3,700 + Bonus Content
Picture Size: Varies
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Weekly

Video Features

Quantity: 92 + Bonus Content
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: 640 x 480
Clip Duration: 2-3 Minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Weekly

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $29.99 Per Month Recurring
Cancellation Links: Bottom of Home Page