Last Updated: 6th July 2012
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Dream Girls Members
Reviewed by Jacey on 8th January 2009

Overall Rating 76/100
Dream Girls Members
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Dream Girls Members is a site that focuses on cute amateur college girls getting drunk and very uninhibited in public - think crazy Mardi Gras shenanigans, wild beach parties, Spring Break, and lots and lots of nakedness! With access to 16 other sites, an on demand DVD archive and heaps of bonus material, plus plenty of content of its own, itís likely to keep you pretty busy for some time. Sounds good, right? Well, in theory, yes - by and large, the models are hot and the action is unrestrained and very naughty, but this one is not without its issues - still, with all that content for only $29.99, it's worth a quick perusal!


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Overall Rating 76/100
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Well, naked ladies everywhere; and most of them are drunk! The party girls on this site will do pretty much anything for the camera, and for those of you who are into real amateur chicks just letting loose and having fun (with themselves and each other!), then this site could well be your wet dream come true! Thereís loads to see here - aside from the siteís own content, you get access to the other sites on the Dream Girls network, including Club Flashers, Miami Beach Party, See Me Masturbate, Girl Fun and Ultimate Public Nudity, to name but a few. On top of that, you can access 9 smaller bonus sites, loads of movie feeds, and a DVD archive... although, the latter didnít appear to be working when I attempted to access it, so donít get your hopes up about that one.

The site itself looks pretty good, although navigation takes a while to get used to, and could potentially be a little simpler - thereís so much to access that in places it can look a little messy. As far as customer support goes, there's not an FAQ in sight - there is a contact form, but thatís it, so youíre basically on a wing and a prayer when it comes to asking for help!

All of the content can be accessed via the homepage, and the siteís main content can be found in the ĎAdventuresí section. Here, updates are arranged like episodes, by date added, and consist of a title, and a couple of preview thumbnails with links to their respective photos and movies. The updates are all completely varied in subject matter, and can be as tame as girls splashing about in skimpy bikinis, right through to full on masturbation and lesbian hot tub orgies, usually all in front of a very overexcited male audience! Pretty much anything goes - just bear in mind that this is an amateur site, with much of itís content shot in public places, and as such, movie quality, sound and lighting are often far from perfect!

You can also search for content via model in the models section - although obviously, if these are all real college girls on their first grown up adventures, as the site would have us believe, you wonít find more than one or 2 updates featuring the same model. There is also a search feature, but unless you know the name of the model youíre looking for, results can be a bit hit and miss. Other sections on the site include the Behind the Scenes pages, where there are some pretty entertaining instalments of the girls messing around before shoots etc, and also the "Daily" Blog - which was last updated in November í08... they might want to think about changing the name of that one... Thereís also a Hardcore section, which, rather misleadingly, just links to the DVD archive - and yes, that would be the same DVD archive that I mentioned was broken earlier! There isnít any actual hardcore boy/girl content on the site as such, at least none that I found, although thereís plenty of hardcore action on the other networked sites if you desperately need a fix!

Thereís no specific video section on the site, as mentioned before, but there are currently 295 movie episodes, not including bonus content. This is a pretty fair amount, and should keep you entertained for a good while! Videos vary in length, and can only be downloaded in 2-3 minute clips - it took about 8 or 9 minutes for me to download one clip, which is ok - although if I wanted to view the full movie, downloading 8 clips in succession could cause me to have a bit of a mental breakdown! Videos are only available in one size and format, and in these days of HD wonderment, a max size of 640x480, although adequate, is slightly disappointing. Still, the action in the movies is pretty much everything youíd want from a site of this ilk - drunken co-eds competing to win no holes barred stripping contests, lesbian romps on packed public beaches, even girls sneakily masturbating in the library (good one!)...

Now hereís the real downer... Dream Girls Members has some serious size issues! Iím not talking about tits and ass here; Iím talking photo size. Itís really saying something when the photos in the bonus section are at least twice the size of those in the siteís own photo galleries! At their largest, theyíre a teensy 400x300px - so you can pretty much forget about zooming in on the finer details! Theyíre heading in the right direction with them, donít get me wrong - thereís a slideshow, and links back to the gallery pages so you donít need to use your back button... sadly though, this doesnít detract from the fact that what youíre looking at wouldnít even fill a quarter of your screen! The movies are what this oneís about really, so itís probably best to just view the photos as a bit of a bonus!

The site is updated every 3 days.

Picture Features

Quantity: 295 sets - between 20 and 250 photos per set
Picture Size: 400x300px
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: Every 3 days

Video Features

Quantity: 295
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: 640x480px
Clip Duration: 2-3 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Yes
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Every 3 days

General Features

Member Support: Yes
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card
Join Fees: $29.99 per month recurring
Cancellation Links: On hope page