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Reviewed by Jacey on 4th December 2008

Overall Rating 73/100
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Nuglam is primarily a photo site which showcases the erotic and glamour work of German photographer, Mik Hartmann. Featuring some gorgeous models, interesting locations and great quality images, this is one for fans of artistic nude and fetish softcore material. Site navigation can be a bit hit and miss, and to be honest, itís got some catching up to do before it can compete with sites like Femjoy and Hegre Art - still, the content is exclusive and generally well shot, and thereís a little more subject variety here than on many standard nude sites. Did I mention that the girls are hot?


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Overall Rating 73/100
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Nuglam describes itself as a site dedicated to new erotic and artistic photography - and it isnít your standard, run of the mill nude photo site. Firstly, the girls arenít always nude- from corsets and lingerie, to uniforms, PVC and even home furnishings and yoghurt (yes, yoghurt - strawberry, by the look of it), they certainly wear some very varied outfits! Of course, there are also loads of naked ladies to set your taste buds tingling if the yoghurt doesnít quite do it for you - but itís nice to see a mixture - fetish clothing and inventive use of props certainly add a bit of interest! Secondly, Mr Hartmann seems to like his visual effects quite a lot really. From coloured lighting and soft focus, to some serious Photoshop jiggery-pokery - at times itís a veritable feast for the eyes, but at others, it looks like an infant with teething pains has been let loose with the smoke filter. And there really isnít any excuse for superimposing naked women over images of enormous bits of strange machinery - yes, I know, it sounds like an inspired idea, but trust me, it doesnít work! That said though, itís clear that this guy knows how to take a photograph - he just needs to go easy on the hallucinogens when heís editing them!

Anyway, the site itself looks pretty good, if a little utilitarian - navigation, however, leaves something to be desired. It looks pretty simple at first glance, but it can actually be fairly convoluted - the Last Uploads and Most Viewed tabs, as an example, take you to pages of separate images, as opposed to albums. Considering that whenever thereís an update added, it is in the form of a whole album, this is a bit daft. Another problem is that 2 of the tabs are completely obsolete at the moment - Last Comments and Top Rated have nothing in them - obviously because site members arenít rating or commenting on anything. In fact, looking at the most recent updates, it doesnít look like the members are viewing anything either - you can see how many times a photo or movie has been looked at, and it seems that many of them havenít been looked at, at all. Personally Iíd get rid of this particular feature straight away - it doesnít instil a great deal of confidence when it looks like a site doesnít have any active members!

In a similar way to many other erotic nude sites, Nuglam offers 3 forms of content (photo, slideshow and video) all set out in album format - i.e., a cover which gives you a photo, the set title, model name, number of photos etc, and then content pages. You can either view the full album lists, Last Uploads or Most Viewed. The homepage also displays most viewed, recent updates and some random files if youíre feeling indecisive - I will however warn you that there are 2 home page links, one of which actually takes you out of the memberís area and back to the pre-login home page, for some reason - click the bottom home link to be taken to the right place!

The content is mainly solo girl, with a couple of lesbian sets thrown in - thereís dildo play and light bondage, as well as some hands on stuff (Mik helps some of the ladies out while heís still holding the camera - pulling on nipple clamps, things like that), and then the usual arty poses, girls provocatively dancing around with mosquito nets on their heads etc... like you do. The majority of the models (with a few exceptions) are completely stunning though - the sort of perfect bodied dream girls that make you incapable of normal speech - which Iím sure that most of you would view as a plus! They are always photographed to look their best too - despite the down right strangeness of a couple of the shoots, the girls in them manage to remain supremely good looking - well done there, Mik!

There are only 16 videos on Nuglam at the moment, and with a few exceptions, they each tend to be related to a photoset somewhere else on the site. They can be streamed or downloaded, but only in WMV format, and only in full - still, the movie size is excellent, at 720x576, and downloads are pretty quick - buffering is a bit jumpy when youíre streaming the movies though. There is a search feature for all of the albums, but it isnít particularly accurate - none of my searches returned anything, so to be honest, I donít actually know if it works at all! The videos themselves tend to incorporate girl/girl, dildo play and masturbation etc, theyíre good quality and generally pretty sexy - an effort has clearly been made in this area, as many other sites of this ilk only offer behind the scenes video footage etc, which often leaves a lot to be desired! Sadly, there are no preview thumbs, only the album cover image - this doesnít always provide an accurate representation of whatís in the video, as itís usually taken from the photo set that accompanies it.

There are currently 77 photosets on Nuglam, with about 4,500 photos in total - considering that the site has been running for less than a year, this is pretty reasonable, although itís only updated 2-3 times a week. The photos can be found under the 2008 tab - for some reason. Personally I think Photos would be a much better heading... Anyway, once you find an album that you like the look of, youíre taken to a thumbnail gallery - from here you can view the full size photos - and I will say that the photos are absolutely huge! There is a slideshow feature in the viewing gallery, and you can rate and comment on photos from here too - unfortunately, thereís no zip download feature, as yet. There is also a Slideshows section on the site, where certain photosets have been turned into slideshow movies for you to download - these tend to be as artfully put together as the photos themselves are, and as such, theyíre actually quite lovely to watch! A nice addition, and again, just that little bit different from the norm!

The site is updated 2-3 times a week.

Picture Features

Quantity: Approximately 4,500
Picture Size: 2016x3024
Searchable: Some
ZIP Downloads:
Picture Slideshows:
Updates: 2-3 Times per week

Video Features

Quantity: 16
Formats: WMV/ASF
Video Size: 720x576
Clip Duration: Full length only - approx 10-20 minutes
Downloadable: Yes
Preview Thumbs: Some
Video DRM:
IPod/PSP Videos:
Updates: Not Known

General Features

Member Support: No
Movie Support: No
Join Option: Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone, DirectPay EU
Join Fees: $19.95/30 days recurring at $16.95/30days, $29.95/30 days non-recurring, $49.95/90 days, $69.95/180 days
Cancellation Links: None