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1 Pass For All Sites Screenshot
Overall Rating 84/100
1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites, as the name suggests, is a megasite that gives you access to 25 websites (not 20, as it says in the tour), in a variety of niches, all for the reasonable price of $34.95. When I first looked at the site, I thought it was going to be a fairly run if the mill, mediocre sort of deal, but I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and amount of content that’s on offer here. Don’t be put off by its fairly amateur appearance - in my opinion, what you’re getting here is a great deal, and for those of you who like your porn across a variety of niches, from teen to mature, with a bit of bizarre stuff thrown in, it’s likely to keep you pretty busy for some time!

100% Uncensored Hentai Screenshot
Overall Rating 63/100
100% Uncensored Hentai
An alternative porn site offering anime and toon content.

The site contains pretty much any artistic work that could be considered erotic; from mainstream Anime and Hentai right down to the bizarre ‘Animal Women’, ‘Bondage Fairies’, and 3D-Art.

I often feel that Anime is a crafty way of getting past decency issues, for example there is no way I’d be reviewing this site if the ‘Animal Sex’ section featured real people, but somehow it’s considered ‘okay’ because it’s fantasy. Screenshot
Overall Rating 76/100

Summary is another one of those sites that is based around one main guy and his many experiences with a bunch of girls. Despite this being a similar thing to many other sites out there, I found the site enjoyable. Andy seems likable, and most of the girls are quite sweet or simply damn sexy! Both movies and images are of a good size and quality and the site couldn’t be any easier to navigate. All this provides an easy to use site with plenty of excellent erotic entertainment. Overall, a nice site, with a superb theme. Good luck Andy!

123 Amatuer girls Screenshot
Overall Rating 64/100
123 Amatuer girls

This site is so similar to its sister site Wow18 that the summary is just the same. As a stand-alone site its pretty nice, but not a class leading site in anyway. However, with the other 19 adult sites thrown in for the same fee, it is terrific value. Go get a trial for a $1 and my guess you wont be disappointed. Screenshot
Overall Rating 69/100

As Teen Sites go, 123 Teen Porn is a mediocre collection. We’re it offered as a stand alone site, it would not be very good value, but the key to this site is the bonus sites you get free with your membership here. The membership fee of $29.95 is pretty decent value considering the amount of content you are getting. So even if 123 Teen Porn doesn’t quite cut it on its own, the additional content in the other sites does make it a very tempting proposition. The site now offers a $1 - 3 day trial. Well worth a look at this price!

18 Close Up (Updated) Screenshot
Overall Rating 79/100
18 Close Up (Updated)

The general idea is that the content gets you very close to the models’ intimate areas. So if you are into looking at a screenful of nipple and/or pussy then you’re in the right place. The content all looks great although lacks a bit of atmosphere, although I’m sure you can forego that if you are just here to look at beautiful, nubile women. It is definitely worth a look, as there are currently some good reductions on memberships which counteract the shortcomings - I would recommend checking out the tour if you are remotely interested as it contains some good samples and a nice listing of the type of girls and content to be found.

** 17/12/2008 - The site now has more models and content, and speeds have been increased in certain areas - the general information and text in this review have therefore been updated accordingly** Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

This is an exciting reality site featuring sweet young “girl next door” type models performing in impressive scenes of a hardcore nature. Admittedly content is extremely limited here with just 10 girls featured and 10 exclusive shoots performed, but it must be said that content is highly explicit and arousing with impressive performances by those featured, throughout each scene. Video quality is impressive and to a DVD quality, whilst accompanying picture sets vary from good quality to video stills, with the image size being rather limited. The membership starts from around $24.95 for 30 days on a recurring basis, which is pretty good considering you get many bonus sites included from the network.

18Honeys Screenshot
Overall Rating 46/100

18Honeys is not a bad collection of Teeny Girl material, its just not a great one. Primarily let down by the way everything is grouped together making navigation tiresome, and also the fact that this site is quite small in comparison to its competition, with a price of $34.96 a month, it is also expensive. Check our top 10 list and you’ll find at least three TeenSites that are not only much, much larger, but also have a lower monthly fee. Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

This particular site, unlike some of them in this extensive network tends to have a pretty good number of scenarios and videos available to view, most of which are entertaining and a real pleasure to view. The Interracial niche is one of interest to many, myself included, and there’s nothing more exciting than to see some of these adorable young cuties getting their tight little pussy pounded until they scream with pleasure. The pictures unfortunately leave a lot to be desired with tiny image size and poor resolution, as most are just screen shots, however videos on the other hand are produced to a very good quality and are a real pleasure to view. The membership includes many bonus sites, altogether making this a pretty reasonable purchase at $29.97/30 days access, and for those that are a little unsure there’s always the trial offer instead, prior to a full purchase. Screenshot
Overall Rating 62/100

Summary is a pretty unique niche – Russian girls in Stockings. Although it’s easily navigated and contains some really nice hi resolution picture galleries to view, the miniscule video section of the site seems a total waste of time. It’s such an shame that the video content is this limited, as the rest of the site is impressive with some great close up erotic content on offer. What’s more most of the content on this site is exclusive too. The biggest problem (apart from the lack of movies) is the ridiculous fee of $34.95 for 30 days. Way too much. Get real guys! Screenshot
Overall Rating 68/100

This would be an extremely enjoyable site if it wasn’t for the sheer lack of quantity of content available here. The site features a lovely choice of models, each having a unique appearance and a bubbly personality, this of course making each video scene much more enjoyable. Hardcore performances are explicit and highly arousing with close up penetration action on a regular basis. Video quality is impressive and there’s plenty of choice in viewing options, whilst images are provided again to a very good quality, though if I’m honest could be much larger. My overall opinion on this site is that it’s way over priced at present at $24.95/month, considering what’s on offer here even despite the bonus sites that are included, however if the site expands dramatically over the coming months, then a membership could be well worth consideration.

1By-Day Screenshot
Overall Rating 86/100

There is no doubting this is a brilliant website. Denys is a great, (if not one of the greatest) photographers in the adult world, and this site is a shrine to his work. Its no mega-site in terms of quantity, but its pure quality all the way. And that is what really matters!

1st Lesbian Experience Screenshot
Overall Rating 75/100
1st Lesbian Experience

Summary is a really enjoyable lesbian site, providing a rather limited quantity of content, but offering a good variety of girls and an impressive quality of exclusive content. The videos are offered in small clips or as a full-length version and can be downloaded within a reasonable timescale, scenes and performances are outstanding and exciting most of the time. The image galleries are also to a very good quality with intimate displays of graphic lesbian action. The membership also provides access to other sites in the network along with many bonus sites, thus making the fee of $29.83 worth much consideration. Screenshot
Overall Rating 77/100

This is a very pleasing reality site from an exciting little network, bringing to us a fine selection of young and varied models performing in arousing and explicit interracial hardcore scenarios. Action is hot and impressive, whilst content quality remains impeccable throughout the site. There’s a pretty good amount of content made available here too especially when considering the niche provided and of course this is also increased by the many bonus sites that are included in the deal. A membership costs $29.95 a month, this in my opinion being a very good deal all things considered.

21 Sextury Screenshot
Overall Rating 93/100
21 Sextury

21 Sextury is a huge megasite that encompasses 50 different high quality sites for the price of a single site’s monthly membership - in fact, they class themselves as ‘one of the largest adult entertainment networks in the world’, and it’s not hard to see why! With over 2200 models, 7000 video updates, and covering every category under the sun, this is seriously one for all porn fans to check out - it offer high gloss, high impact hardcore at its best! Screenshot
Overall Rating 82/100

Summary is a great site. Any one who loves to watch one lucky guy sandwiched between two hunnies will like it a lot!. Like many other ‘Reality sites’, you get to see the initial meeting with the girls and then of course this leads to going somewhere to get on with the action. There’s plenty of lesbian and two girl one guy action with some really great hardcore scenes. You also get free access to the other 7 Reality sites with a membership to this one, giving you ample of exclusive and exciting picture galleries and video clips with new updates available to view on a daily basis. A membership to this site is rather high at $38.80 per month, however you can benefit from a yearly subscription which works out at around $7.98/per month. A $2.95 Trial is available also. Screenshot
Overall Rating 70/100

This is quite an enjoyable network of sites for anyone who’s looking for plenty of variety of content and niche, however although this particular site has a pretty explicit and erotic collection of content, picture quality is poor and quantity of content is very limited in deed. However on a positive note the videos on the site offer crystal clear viewing, impressive double penetration action and a very willing selection of cute looking babes. The membership costs $29.97/30 days access, which is pretty average considering the numerous bonus sites and content included in the fee.

3D Wow Movies Screenshot
Overall Rating 66/100
3D Wow Movies

It was only a matter of time before the 3D revolution made its mark on the adult market, and 3D Wow Movies is one of a growing number of sites to tap into this new niche, claiming to bring top quality 3D filth to the masses for a nominal fee. As the first fully 3D site that I’ve reviewed, they’re not doing a bad job - they offer huge quality HD movies, and they’ll even send you a free pair of 3D glasses when you join (try explaining that one away to the wife...), but there are a few things that need tweaking before I can wholeheartedly recommend that you sign up. Still, the site is most definitely worth a look, and you can also buy single movies without having to become a member - if you’re at all curious about what the future of porn could look like, go check it out! Screenshot
Overall Rating 73/100

Think erotic fantasy, stunning 3D babes, impressive artwork and exciting XXX action, and you’ll be close to what’s on offer here at The site provides a rather small but exciting collection of exclusive gallery sets, and although sets are quite small, the quality and content is outstanding at all times. It’s unfortunate about the small number of videos on the site, and that scenes are so short, but you can see where these guys are going with this, or could go in the near future if they have a mind too. It’s unfortunate that since last reviewing the site 6 months ago the membership fee has risen to $35.34 for a 30 day membership, this in my opinion being a little steep considering the lack of video content available, and even if the gallery content has grown a little over the last few months, there’s still only 100 galleries on offer in total which doesn’t quite justify this.

4 Real Swingers – Re-review Screenshot
Overall Rating 78/100
4 Real Swingers – Re-review

This is a pretty enjoyable site which no swinger, or potential swinger should allow themselves to miss out on. The site offers a huge range of content for an amateur site with over 20000 images and over 35 hours of XXX video to peruse. Navigation is impressive these days after a site revamp and clearly a lot of effort and maintenance, you get a search facility that enables direct access to your individual preference of niche, optional automated slide shows, HD videos and speedy downloads, together providing an enjoyable experience over a wide range of swinging niches and real scenarios. To access the member’s area you’re looking at a fee of $24.95 a month, which I feel is a pretty good deal overall, especially when considering the amount of bonus sites and content included also.

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